Sunday, June 20, 2010

Loco Moco

The Hawaiian Grand Slam breakfast, except unlike a Denny's Grand Slam it doesn't taste like shit.

It's a high-cal, high-protein, high-carb, high cholesterol heaven. Two eggs how you like them and a hamburger patty over rice, smothered in brown gravy. The recipe dates from the Lincoln Grill, a Hilo restaurant, in 1949.

There are many variations, such as replacing the beef patty with sausage or a pork chop or even SPAM (Hawaii leads the nation in per capita consumption). Sometimes I feel like brown rice instead of white, but I always like my egg yolks nice and runny to mix with the gravy.

If you like a big-ass artery-clogging breakfast but for some reason don't or can't or won't eat pork, this is the way to go.


  1. Can I subscribe to these recipes without becoming a Twit?

  2. There's an RSS link at the very bottom of the blog main page, it says "Subscribe to Posts (Atom)". But you can subscribe even if you are made up of more than one atom.