Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poached Eggs In Miso

I had some shiro miso soup left over from a late snack last night, and I got a craaaaazy idea for breakfast.

I poached two eggs the Saint Alton way. I put about an inch of water in my nonstick skillet along with a small glug of white vinegar and brought it to a simmer. Then I gently decanted two whole eggs into the water and turned off the heat, covered and let sit for 7 minutes. Meanwhile I was reheating the soup.

It was actually darned good. The saltiness of the miso and the green onions really brought out the flavor of the eggs. Mind you I was using the dark miso paste that is more strongly flavored. The milder white miso might not have worked as well. I like the colors, too.

The presentation sort of reminds me of a Bulgarian hangover breakfast I was introduced to several years ago. It also involves poached eggs, but in this case sunk in a bowl of Bulgarian yogurt, which is much thinner in consistency than American yogurt, so the result is like a cold soup.

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