Saturday, November 13, 2010

Completely Inauthentic Indian Potatoes and Peas

2 medium potatoes, large cube
1/2 cup frozen peas
1 T toasted sesame oil
2 T tomato paste
2 T water
1 T white wine vinegar
1 T coconut cream
3 cloves garlic, smashed and diced
kosher salt
dried chile flakes or hot sauce to taste

Here's my attempt to make something that will pass for a South Asian side dish when the  kitchen is bereft of coriander, cardomon, garam masala...not even any ginger, for FSMs sake! (I had some but turned out it was sharing a bag with something that was blue, mushy, hairy, and completely unidentifiable by the time I found it. Sometimes that's just how it goes.)

Saute the potatoes in the oil with a pinch of salt, tossing frequently until slightly browned. Add garlic, toss and saute for another minute. Don't let the garlic burn! Reduce heat, add vinegar, tomato paste, water, and coconut cream. Simmer for 15 minutes. Add frozen peas, simmer for another 10 minutes. Adjust seasoning.

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