Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dinner In A Bowl: Steak Salad

No real recipe for this one, because almost everything is optional.

First I boiled a few new potatoes. I let them cool, quartered them, and then lightly pan-fried them in olive oil with a little garlic powder.

Then I made a nice green salad, with romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mild black olives, and feta cheese, added the potatoes, and tossed it with cider vinegar and just a dash of olive oil.

Then I took a thinnish (about 2 cm) ribeye, maybe 6 oz or so, and pan-seared it using Alton Brown's method. While it was resting I put three chopped mushrooms and a pat of butter into the skillet and let the residual heat cook them. After the steak had rested for several minutes I sliced it very thinly. I laid the steak and mushrooms atop the salad and dressed it generously with Francis Lam's ginger-scallion oil.

The result was so mouth-wateringly aromatic and so delicious that I tore into it before even thinking of taking a photo to post here.

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